H2L is constantly evolving


Our H2L module is suitable for almost all types of water purification and waste-water treatment. Of course, we are consistently thinking ahead with H2L. H3L is the evolved version of the successful H2L module.

Today, the processes of filtration and others, such as adsorption, are taking place in spatially separated process steps. This leads to considerable disadvantages. H3L carries out these processes jointly. Activated solid surfaces are introduced in the membrane pocket during manufacturing. This means upon your request we combine our ultrafiltration adsorption, ion exchange or catalysis, as required.

Our prototype H3L is already developed and in the trial and test phase for condensates from the power plant industry. We are currently looking for more partners and applications, in order to successfully implement lighthouse projects and to explore more attractive applications with you as a partner.

Are you interested? Then call us! We would be glad to reply to your queries on this topic.

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